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BONDing with the community

25th May, 2018

By Kate Banville

Bond University Rugby Club is opening the gates to local clubs and charities to take charge of barbeques and raffle tickets as part of a new initiative aimed at giving back to the sport's grassroots. 

The program known as 'BONDing' is part of many new additions to a club that has undergone a serious facelift in recent weeks following the opening of a new multi-million dollar clubhouse. 

BONDing allows university charities and clubs of all age groups from the Gold Coast District Rugby Union (GDRU) to register as game day fundraisers and take home any proceeds to go towards improving their own facilities or cause of choice. 

Bond's Director of Rugby Luca Liussi is the driving force behind reconnecting the Premier League Rugby team with its community. 

"We play a big part in helping the players to direct their careers and that also means supporting the clubs that have built them," Mr Liussi said. 

"We've got a responsibility to help the rugby community on the Gold Coast. 

"The other side of it is that we want to open up the doors to new rugby supporters." 

Bond will host Norths Rugby Club on Satuday with Bond Aid Program signed on as the first charity to raise money for their annual trip to Nepal which provides resources for sustainable initiatives for health and well-being.  

Fifteen Bond University students will travel to the rural community of Harmi, Nepal in September for the third consecutive trip for Bond Aid.   

Bond Aid committee member Alana Bonenfant knows the importance of turning simple fundraising in to physical outcomes for the charity and sees this opportunity as a large boost to the group's efforts. 

"It’s great that the Bond community gives back like this, both to fellow 'Bondies' and other locals," Ms Bonenfant said. 

"And now this amazing initiative will go on to help people around the world. 

"I think it’s a testament to Bond Rugby and the Bond community as a whole that we are motivated and want to give back."  

The club's next home game will be on June 9 allowing university charities and GDRU clubs to register as game day fundraisers by contacting Bond University Rugby via their website  

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