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11th July, 2017

Leading by 20-5 just before halftime, our boys seemed to have a win in the bag.  In 6th place, one behind Jeeps, this was a vital match.  Two excellent tries by Reece Tapine and Josh Walker had us in the box seat.  The latter took an intercept and ran 60m to outpace the defence.

All the more credit to our team as hooker Finn McElroy was red-carded after retaliating to a high tackle.  It was a savage misjudgement by the referee.  But, even with only 14 men, we led by 15 points.

But, just before halftime, we relaxed and let Jeeps in for a try.  Immediately after the break, they scored again.  The momentum had shifted and Jeeps hit the front 22-20. 

Then came the try of the match.  Brilliant fullback Josh Walker ran 70m, sidestepping his way through the entire Jeeps team and sent Tapine over with a perfect pass.  We led 27-22.

However, just as in the first half, we relaxed in the last minute and fell off tackles, allowing Jeeps to score and convert.  GPS led 29-27 but weren’t done – from the kickoff they ran 60m to score again, so we lost the bonus point, losing by 36-27. 

It’s a young team but a harsh lesson was learnt.  Leading by 2 with 2 minutes to play, we took a tap instead of plugging for the corner and pinning them down.   Game management boys. 


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