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23rd June, 2017

This weekend marks an historic event in Queensland Rugby, with the heartland of Queensland Rugby, Ballymore Stadium celebrating 50 years. What better way to celebrate such an important part of Queensland Rugby Union history, than Ballymore hosting the best of Premier Grade and QLD Country rugby players. This weekend, Bond Rugby have 5 players, Tai Ford, Mitch Third, Joel Brown, Tipene Mavao and Kuti Tahau, chosen to compete in the Premier Presidents XV and Premier Presidents XV Colts teams. Each of these players have worked hard and shown dedication to their rugby, so for them to receive the call up into the teams was rewarding. 

This selection also offers the players a confidence boost in their performance throughout this current season at Bond, although they have not been getting the wins. This is just another opportunity and honour for each player to show NRC selectors, they are the players for the position in the upcoming NRC competition for the QLD country side.

Mitch Third has already had a taste of playing NRC in 2016 for the QLD Country side and the Canberra Vikings NRC side in 2015. Third said “It is very rewarding being selected in rep teams. It is another chance to play the game I love and show selectors what I have to offer”. With NRC in Third’s mind through his performance this year, he has really stepped up his training and dedication around the Bond Rugby club.  

Joel Brown was a familiar face to many of the current Premier Grade XV as he is a TSS old boy, although a new face around the club. He was identified by the Queensland Premier Grade, as a key player to watch this season and has been nothing short of what was said “having great vision around the breakdown and making constant impact defensively”. Brown said, “Making Premier President is a really good opportunity to play with skilful players across the QLD Premier completion, and to also help prove myself for selection in an NRC team”.                

For Tai Ford, this season has cemented the number 8 position after taking over the roll from veteran Josh Fuimoano. Ford has taken on the number 8 position and made it his own this season, coming away with 5 tries and 2 Man of the Match performances. For Tai being chosen for the team means a huge amount, because he is always trying to push himself to make high honours in rugby.

Tipene Movao s the youngest of the 4 representative players being selected this weekend and although selected for Premier Presidents Colts, he has already made his Premier Grade debut at age 18 this year. Only finishing at The Southport School last year, Movoa was one of Bond Rugby’s key recruits this season and has certainly made an impact within the Premier Colts team. Movao said “(It) Definitely feels good to be recognised and chosen but in saying that, I know there is so much more learning and growing to do”. 

Kuti Tahau, came to Bond Rugby early this year after finishing of his season with the Brumbies under 20’s.  Tahau was a standout player within the Brumbies under 20’s and has another 2 years to prove himself as hes only 18 years of age. Tahau has fitted perfectly into the Premier Colts team at Bond Rugby in the position of centre. 


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